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Health and Wellbeing 8 Week Transformation Challenge 2017

 Talofa lava, Kia orana, Malo e lelei, Ni sa bula vinaka, Taloha ni, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Ia orana, Kam na mauri, Talofa, Aloha, Halo olaketa, Namaste, Kia ora.


Welcome to all our members, non-members and guests to our site.

We have some exciting news to share with you on our strategic focus over the next couple of years.  We will update you all soon.

Sending a huge shout out to all the members who are participating in the 8 Week Transformation Challenge.  Keep going. Don’t quit.  Start now if you haven’t.  This
is all about becoming a strong Pacific woman so we are around for our loved ones
now and into the future.

Tune in to our Facebook page every Saturday for half an hour to ask any questions
you may have on health, fitness and weight-loss with Aaron Vaisigano, personal trainer.

The Challenge ends on Sunday 30 April at 3pm.   Final weight readings must be in by
3pm and they must be verified. You cannot take people’s word for it.  Treat it as a final weigh in after church and celebrate with a lunch and invite non members to come along. Connect, connect, connect.

Look after yourselves and each other.

For more queries please contact Anahila at


From the National Executive, P.A.C.I.F.I.C.A Inc