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PACIFICA Conference and Annual General Meeting

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Note: the programme is subject to changes

Information on accommodation, restaurants and venue

Note: accommodation in Tokoroa is limited

Conference & AGM contact details

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Deadline for completed nomination forms and acceptance forms


Email sent to all members with National Executive roles remaining to be voted 'on the floor' at the AGM in February 2023.


Deadline:  By midnight, Sunday 15 January 2023  [completed]


Nomination and Acceptance forms to be handed together to the 'Returning Officers' the morning of the AGM and at least an hour before the AGM commences, on Saturday 11 February 2023.

Deadline:  An hour before the AGM commences on Saturday 11 February 2023

IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  You must be present at the AGM on Saturday 11 February 2023 if you are to be considered for one of the National Executive roles available.  No proxy voting will be permitted.

 Key Election Documents


Guide for 'On the Floor' Elections at the AGM 2023

         Nomination Form for          AGM 2023 elections

Candidate Acceptance form for AGM 2023 elections

Annual General Meeting/National Conference

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held as part of the Annual National Conference, which is P.A.C.I.F.I.C.A. Inc’s largest gathering in any year. Members across the country get together to conduct the main business of the organisation but also to celebrate being together.  All members participate in the AGM and exercise their vote on all decisions made. Members participate in workshops in line with the yearly conference theme, weaving, fashion and speech contests and celebrating being together as Pacific women and enjoying the fellowship.

Election of members of the National Executive take place bi-annually and elected National Executive Committee members serve for a term of two years. The National President cannot serve for more than 2 terms, that is four years. All other National Executive Committee members [National Vice-Presidents (Northern, Central & Southern), National Young PACIFICA Representative, National Secretary, National Treasurer, National Assistant Treasurer, National Communications Officer] may stand again and seek re-election. 

The National Executive meets face-to-face at least 3 times a year - and these meetings are set to coincide with the 3 Regional Conferences, the National Council Meeting, and the AGM.


Regional Mini Conferences

P.A.C.I.F.I.C.A. Incorporated's affiliated Branches are organised in three regions: Northern, Central and South Island.  Once a year, each region holds a Regional ("Mini") Conference where branches come together to discuss issues, project ideas/updates and achievements with one another and the National Executive. The National Vice-President of each region chairs Her region's AGM.


National Council Meeting

Once a year, every Branch President and the National Executive Committee come together at the National Council Meeting. This is the official forum where general business items and remits for the upcoming AGM are tabled. The National President chairs this meeting and each branch President has the right to exercise a vote.​

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