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"If I see further, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants."  

P.A.C.I.F.I.C.A. Incorporated is a national non-government organisation (NGO) for Pacific women living in Aotearoa New Zealand. It was established as a result of a Pacific Women's Conference held in Auckland in 1976 and became an incorporated society in 1977. All women are eligible to become members of P.A.C.I.F.I.C.A. irrespective of background, faith and ethnicity – as long as they agree to support and abide by the aims and objectives of the organisation. Find out more on the New Zealand History website.

More on our PACIFICA Inc. Objectives


This documentary features the stories of the organisation's founding members, where PACIFICA's Living Legends give personal accounts of why they joined PACIFICA and their vision for the organisation.

National Presidents | 1977 - 2023

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